April 2, 2009


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There was a change on how TWIX will work.
Please Read-on to continue …..

credits to: HCG/kua DARYLL

Twix Plugins/Addons will now be pasted on the hcg app located here

Though it seems the same, there is a tiny weeny change.


You may need to paste additional activators on the app in order to use some of the addon/plugins.

For example, If you want the Photo Gallery Plugin and the Gradfader plugin (Which are included on my library “Daryll.js”), you have to activate daryll.js first by pasting it’s activator on the app.

<div class=”readJS”>http://darylldelfin.com/hcg/daryll.js</div&gt;

After the activator is pasted, you can now use any plugin located here πŸ˜€

So your final twix code will be ..

<div class=”readJS”>http://darylldelfin.com/hcg/daryll.js</div&gt;
<div class=”TwixGallery”></div>
<div class=”GradFader”></div>

Where Red is the activator and the yellow are the plugins you want to use.

Can i use all of the Plugins?
Yes you can.

Example : If you also want some plugins by jiro, you just have to paste it’s activator on the app also.

Example, You want to add the Shaking and Elastic Primary Picture effect plugin(Which is included on Jiro’s library “Jiro.js”), You have to activate jiro.js first by pasting it’s activator on the app.

<div class=”readJS”>http://darylldelfin.com/hcg/jiro.js</div&gt;

So your final twix code will be as follows :

<div class=”readJS”>http://darylldelfin.com/hcg/daryll.js</div&gt;
<div class=”readJS”>http://darylldelfin.com/hcg/jiro.js</div&gt;

<div class=”TwixGallery”></div>
<div class=”GradFader”></div>
<div class=”ShakingPrimary”></div>
<div class=”ElasticPrimary”></div>

Where Red are the activators and the yellow are the plugins you want to use.

Side note : The Hide Codes Plugin needs no activator. You can just paste those on the twix box on the app. πŸ˜‰

Why did we do this?
Simple. So that other members can make and share their own plugins w/ us and for others to use. πŸ˜€

Code is available on open-source and it’s intention is for studying and research purposes.

All codes are user-friendly. Just study the syntax and pm me if you want to share a plugin/addon too.. πŸ˜€

ps. More plugins will come since the creator of twix’s engine, Mark Loreto of markyctrigger.com agreed to share his addons with us. (Vice versa)Β 


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